Opunake Cottage Rest Home

Where comfort, care and compassion count



The Cottage is the former Opunake Maternity Hospital and in 1990 the local community set up a Charitable Trust and converted the facility into a Rest Home for the purposes of:

(a)   “Establishing a rest home which will provide both residential and day care accommodation and nursing and supporting care and attention (including the provision of meals with or without payment for the same) for elderly or disabled persons in Coastal Taranaki Area irrespective of age race creed.

(b)  “Providing for the social welfare, care and comfort of elderly and disabled persons in any manner whatsoever.


The dream

To be Taranaki’s most highly regarded rest home and care provider for the elderly in our tranquil coastal setting under the mountain. 


How will we do it:

·        Our family caring for yours

·        Provide a high quality, safe homely environment for every resident and their family

·        Meeting all physical, psychological and cultural needs with dignity and respect


How we need to act to make it happen

·        Caring – as if you are part of our family

·        Relationships – by making them strong and mutually beneficial

·        Innovation – through utilising the latest procedures and technology

·        Heart – preserving our ‘small family home atmosphere’, surrounded by a strong and supportive community as a valued local asset to the community.